Aquashine BTX Unique functional derma-modulator with relaxant effect  2ml.

Is a multilevel and cross-functional product. Due to the well-balanced lifting and relaxation processes, a multilevel and selective anti-age effect in all the morphofunctional layers of the skin and surrounding tissues is achieved. The treatment enables gentle and selective correction of all the problems simultaneously.
1. Non cross linked HA 15mg/ml
2. Patented Peptide complex

aquashine btxWHITENING
Completely non-toxic to fibroblasts and keratinocytes. It eliminates photodamage at the cellular in dose-dependent manner, lightens dark spots, evens skin tone, it has an antioxidant effect. CG-TGP2 is the strongest inhibitor of tyrosinase activity compared to Arbutin and Vitamin C. CG-TGP2 decreased MITF, tyrosinase, TRP1 and TRP2 expression level. CG-TGP2 induced MITF and TRP1, TRP2 down-regulation may be through the ERK signaling pathway. Also it breaks the exocytosis of melanosomes. Oligopeptide-34 has an Anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates proliferative and synthetic activity of fibroblasts. It increases levels of extracellular matrix proteins — collagen and fibronectin.
CG-Purilux is nontoxic for all kinds of skin cell lines. It provides rapid and prolonged depigmenting action by interrupting the binding of α-MSH receptor MC1R with melanin. It blocks tyrosinase activity. Corrects the effects of photodamage, hyperpigmentation, senile, prevents the formation of new age spots. It evens skin tone, since it facilitates even allocation of melanin in skin cells.
Prevents the appearance of wrinkles by inhibiting the synthesis of hyaluronidase and deceleration of hyaluronic acid degradation. It reduces existing wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix components and renew the dermis cells.
Physiologically and dose-dependently stimulates maturation of progenitor precursor cell fibroblasts and keratinocytes, causing cell pool restored. Reduces and prevents lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells. Involves in normal skin growth, healing and wound repair. Strengthens skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin as confirmed by ELISA test. It protects skin cells from stressinduced apoptosis.

Characterized maximal affinity for EGF receptor is confirmed using the Biacore assay system. It enables the production of native EGF fibroblasts. Restores rate of cell proliferation within the physiological limits of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which reduces wrinkles and decreases scars. Also dose-dependently stimulates the synthesis of the main components of the dermal matrix like hyaluronic acid and elastin. It possesses strong intracellular antioxidant action that protects from ultraviolet radiation. It increases expression of SIRT, which indicates the stabilization and protection of DNA mutations. In the processes of wound healing increases the rate of migration of keratinocytes in the injured area, which significantly accelerates the re-epithelialization. It inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and increases anti-inflammatory effect. Increases the expression of Aquaporin-3 keratinocytes that clinically work on epidermis rehydration and adequate wound healing.

Oligopeptide -62
Works locally and blocks in dose-dependent manner the neurotransmitter exocytosis in the neuromuscular junction, which leads to a weakening of fine mimic muscles. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, reduces existing wrinkles by easing muscle tension. It restores the rate of fibroblast proliferation and synthesis of new collagen.

Works locally and blocks in dose-dependent manner the neurotransmitter exocytosis in the neuromuscular junction, which leads to a weakening of fine mimic muscles. Restores proliferatory activity of skin cells. Increases the level of phosphorylation of ERK and p38, which increases cell survival under stress. Inhibits MMP 2, protecting the components of the MCM.