Aspiration Catheter STENTYS AC The STENTYS AC aspiration catheter is a deliverable thrombectomy device with a hydrophilic coating and 6F guide catheter compatibility, and is indicated in thrombus-containing lesions including SVGs. The STENTYS AC offers one of the largest effective extraction lumen cross-sectional areas and has a ~26% greater extraction speed compared with market-leader devices. The outer diameter measures 0.067” and it provides high kink-resistance through the use of a stiffening stylet. by STENTYS
Diagnostic Angiography Catheter POINTER PendraCare has developed a high quality diagnostic catheter that provides reliable kink-free passage of tortuous anatomy and calcified lesions while keeping optimal torque control in the coronary arteries. by PendraCare
Hydrophilic Coated Guide Catheter PRIMUM PendraCare has developed a state of the art guiding catheter, with superior characteristics. The catheter is best in class and provides precise delivery in the target vessel. by PendraCare