CAREGEN Research Center offers you perfect solution for face and tissue remodeling. REVOFIL is a new generation filler that can last longer than other existing HA dermal fillers. REVOFIL KEEPS AND MAINTAINS YOUR BEAUTY TODAY AND TOMORROW! REVOFIL is made from high quality ingredients using innovative technology of CAREGEN Research Center – the leader of Bio actives and cosmeceuticals in the world. Advanced peptides development constantly provides you safe and perfect result saving your time, energy and money. PRODUCT We have succeeded in developing Innovative Dermal HA Filler. REVOFIL giving you a long lasting result generates endogenous HA, elastin, collagen, and other ECMs (Extracellular Matrix) refresh natural colors of your beauty. REVOFIL present you long lasting desirable lines and features to Stay Longer, Stay Active and Stay Spectacular. PHILOSOPHY Cosmetic products should make you more beautiful and support your beauty as long as it possible and beyond. We are making sure to present such service to our customers. IGIASI S.A IS THE EXCUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF REVOFIL AQUASHINE FOR GREECE The cutting edge bio-technology REVOFIL has both biphasic and monophasic physical characteristics introduced by combination of cutting edged biomimetic

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A premium anatomically shaped implant. Made with form stable high cohesive silicone gel. Unique Nagotex® Textured Surface and 360o Barrier Shell Technology for complete peace of mind. Available in 90 different variations - 3 variable heights, 3 variable projections. CoGel by Nagor Product Catalog
A round implant of the highest quality, featuring Nagotex® Textured Surface, and 360o Barrier Shell Technology. Filled with form stable high cohesive silicone, with 38 options of size and profile to ensue your patient’s perfect fit. Impleo by Nagor Product Catalog
The innovative silicone gel Silgel® has been clinically proven to reduce visibility of all new and old scars. It softens and fades the appearance of hypertrophic and keloid scars as those resulting from plastic surgery procedures, general surgical procedures including c-section, trauma wounds and burns. The easy-to-apply, non-sticky gel helps flatten the look of the scar and can relieve itchiness, whilst the pure silicone cares for your scar by optimising your skin’s natural healing process. Available in 20ml gel tube or in silicone sheets. Find out more.... Silgel.com See details Silgel-Factsheet by GC Aesthetics