Eye protection goes beyond standard eyewear with lead glasses with side shields, wrap around frames, fit overs, goggles and face shields that protect your eyes against lateral x-ray exposure.
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear (USA).
Protection: Front lens 0.75mm Lead Glass / Front Lens: Optional 0.50mm Pb/ Side Shields: Optional 0.50mm Pb.
Available in wide range of frame types, styles and colors.
Available prescription: Single Vision (SV), Bifocal Rx (BI), Progressive (PROG)

99_ultralite_WraparoundsWrap- around frames  are designed to provide conform and protection for the entire eye area without the need of an added side shield for lateral x-ray exposure.
Made from materials : durable nylon, aluminum, acetate and durable plastic.
Available in wide range of styles and colors. Most models also available with prescription.
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear

89_Medium_FitoverDesigned to fit over prescription eyewear are an excellent choice for those requiring good splash protection from radiation.
The large, clear side shields protect from lateral exposure while eliminating the “tunnel” effects.
Material: durable nylon. Available in 3 different models.
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear

662s_MetalsAll metal frames are available with plastic side shields containing lead strips for maximum lateral x-ray protection.
Available in multiple styles and colors to choose from.
Available prescription: Single Vision (SV), Bifocal Rx (BI), Progressive (PROG)
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear

53_wrap_ClassicConstructed from extremely durable nylon that exhibits superior flexibility while minimizing potential breakage.
The lead glass side shields ensure great lateral protection and also provide some peripheral vision.
Available with prescription in many colors.
Manufacturer:  Protech Leaded Eyewear

68_GogglesGoggles are made of soft vinyl that provides a contour facial fit.
They come with standard or optional lead strip side shields for lateral protection.
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear

Full Face ShieldFull-Face-Shield.jpgFull face and Panoramic shield uses a lead impregnated acrylic shield suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece by which you can angle the mask to protect in many different positions as well as adjust to comfortably fit your head.
Manufacturer: Protech Leaded Eyewear