Protecting your brain

Texray offers two types of radiation protective garments: HeadPeace, a comfortable headband, and MindPeace a uniquely design thyroid collar with an extended panel in order to reduce radiation in the lower and middle section of the head. The protection equipment system provides an additional 97% dose reduction towards the head, brain, and thyroid compared to when using only a traditional thyroid collar. (S. Rodhe et al., European Journal of Radiology 2022:147).


Innovative Material

In addition, the protective material of Texray products is a patented lead-free textile platform with an inherent structure that enables garment designs to meet the need for more functional and comfortable radiation protection equipment. The garments are pliable, improving ergonomic parameters and is 30 times more durable than traditional “rubber-sheet” garments. Also – it’s the first-ever “store-in-your-pocket-radiation-protection-garment”. Texray is easy to store, easy to bring, and easy to use, which may give you Peace of Mind in the OR.