Interventional Radiology – Vascular Surgery

Endoarterial devices for the treatment of vascular diseases ranging from directional atherectomy and CTO crossing devices, to PTA balloons, stents, catheters, procedural support accessories to AAA repair stent graft offering high quality minimally invasive solutions.

Interventional Cardiology

From the leading state-of-the-art technology in intravascular ultrasound imaging for coronary and peripheral applications to the next generation drug-device cardiovascular treatment solutions, to conventional full-range complementary devices as stents, catheters, accessories that best cover interventional cardiologists’ needs

Interventional Neuroradiology – Neurosurgery

From acute ischemic stroke treatment to prevention of haemorrhagic stroke, we provide intelligent minimally invasive solutions that span embolization devices to revascularization devices, keeping you at the forefront of neurovascular care.

Interventional Endoscopy –Gastroenterology

From a high technology capsule endoscopy diagnostic system to biodegradable and metal stents to a full range of gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP instruments and accessories, we enable the physician to fully diagnose and treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.



Silicone Implants

Get beautifully confident with high performance silicone gel-filled breast implants

Dermal Fillers

Meso with biomimetic peptides (Patended Formula)

Radio Protection

Full line of light weight lead and non- lead aprons. Standard with pockets, shoulder pads, 3 core material options, 3 core thicknesses, multiple styles and over 60 colors to choose from. CE, ISO & FDA approved.
Eyewear protection
Eye protection goes beyond standard eyewear with lead glasses with side shields, wrap around frames, fit overs, goggles and face shields that protect your eyes against lateral x-ray exposure.
Extend radiation protection to full-body coverage with thyroid collars, caps, body shields, gloves, sleeves and more.
Barriers & Racks
Mobile clear lead acrylic barriers, adjustable lead shields and apron storage racks.